Utility, Energy & Lighting Infrastructure Asset Management

Ensure Structural Integrity Across The Lifecycle
  • Power Delivery

    Supporting Quality Power Delivery Systems

  • Lighting

    Fortifying Area and Commercial Lighting

  • Renewable Generation

    Eliminate Downtime & Defend Against Failure.

  • Telecommunications

    Improving Telecommunications Services

  • Conventional Generation

    Strengthening Concrete & Steel Assets.

  • Oil & Gas

    Building Safer Oil and Gas Pipelines.

Your lighting poles, transmission towers, and infrastructure assets are under attack from time, usage, and the elements. Without ongoing, comprehensive maintenance and quality assurance services, you run the risk of catastrophic failure. Exo is your partner for powerful, proactive asset management solutions.


Steel Pole Below Grade Coatings & Corrosion Failure and Remediation
How to Manage Lighting Structural Assets
See an Exo Drone Inspection in Action
Trust but Verify: The Fallacy of Trust Alone
Asset Management Across Industries

Exo asset management solutions maintain and strengthen assets for greater longevity and stronger infrastructures.

  • Quality Assurance
  • Structural Inspection
  • Field Service & Repair
  • Wood Pole Case Study
  • Asset Program Management
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Ex-Tend Approach: Full Lifecycle Asset Management

Ex-Tend™ is our data-driven, full lifecycle asset management solution for power, communications, lighting and energy asset owners. We customize it according to your system needs. Every program is implemented according to the highest quality assurance standards for the strongest possible infrastructure.
Our proprietary method combines field service solutions, nondestructive testing data, and other asset management industry best practices to maximize your return on investment, prevent accidents, and get results that improve your bottom line.
with infrastructure repair and inspection vs. replacement
Risk Reduction
by identifying structural defects prior to catastrophic failure
Double the life of your assets with routine field service and repair
Our unrivaled engineering expertise and our proven, full-lifecycle approach to quality assurance support hundreds of infrastructure industry leaders. Our full-lifecycle approach includes infrastructure repair service, inspection and more to help protect your investment, prevent system failure, and save you money.
Power Delivery
Renewable Generation
Conventional Generation
Oil & Gas
Our Clients

Exo is proud to partner with our clients for stronger infrastructures. Some of those clients include:

Rodney Hawthorne
Techline Sports Lighting
"Exo is our go to company for any lighting structure related issues. Their responsiveness and breadth of experience is second to none in our industry.”
large national retailer
"Exo has provided inspection and analysis services across my nationwide lighting portfolio. The insights Exo has provided have allowed my team to make educated decisions about how we manage our assets moving forward.”
Casey Miller
"(Exo) caught numerous fabrication and QA/QC related issues that would have greatly delayed our project, causing financial implications."
Raul Magana
"(Exo) was extremely beneficial to providing us real time updates on production process. They were an integral part of the successful execution of our lattice tower project."
Raj Anand
"(Exo) provided prompt, quality assistance, and we would recommend their services."
Large Texas Utility Company
Client Transmission Engineer
"I’d like to say how much I appreciate all of Exo’s efforts to get our steel structures remediated. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that some of those corroded poles could have failed when subjected to the ice and wind loads that they saw during winter storm Uri. Kudos to you and all of your staff."
Our Careers
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