The Exo Difference

Unrivaled Engineering & Technical Expertise

Understanding what’s seen and unseen, and what to do about it.

Anyone can snap a picture and report on what they see. The difference is in knowing where to look, understanding what is seen and unseen, then knowing exactly what to do about it.

The Exo team has decades of engineering and technical excellence focused specifically on the processes, materials, and techniques that surround this industry. We know how to find hidden structural failures and how to fix them the right way. We go beyond data aggregation and leverage the latest technology to offer in-depth analysis and remediation solutions.

A Full-Lifecycle Approach

We know infrastructure lifecycles because we have been around long enough to study them.

It’s through that context we developed Ex-Tend, our unparalleled, data-driven full-lifecycle approach to asset sustainability.  It empowers you to proactively care for and increase the lifespan of your structures. From helping with vendor selection for new projects to inspecting and repairing decades-old structures, we are driven by a maintain versus replace mentality. Ex-Tend will maximize your investments, prevent accidents, and demonstrate results that show up clearly on the bottom line. Discover our Ex-Tend solution to increase your structural lifespans.

Proven Success

The Numbers Speak For Themselves.

No one else comes close. Enjoy the confidence of knowing your assets are being cared for by the best. From utilities, retail, recreation, transportation, oil and gas, telecom — our experience, responsiveness, and foresight guides tailored solutions for every project. Our smart technology and time-tested expertise combine to make sure we deliver every time.

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