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Unrivaled Engineering & Technical Expertise

As part of our commitment to quality assurance, we inspect every asset for both apparent and hidden signs of structural damage.

We go beyond visual inspection, looking deep within each pole, tower, or concrete structure to find all structural defects, so we know exactly what to do to repair infrastructure and avoid catastrophic failure.

We’ve spent decades gathering quality assurance best practices for every process, material, and technique used in the infrastructure industry. We find and address structural failures quickly. Our field service repair is completed by expert technicians. We go beyond data aggregation to offer every client in-depth analysis and asset management solutions customized to their needs and the demands of their industry.

A Full-Lifecycle Approach

We know infrastructure lifecycles because we have been around long enough to study them.

It’s through that context we developed Ex-Tend, our unparalleled, data-driven full-lifecycle approach to asset sustainability.  It empowers you to proactively care for and increase the lifespan of your structures. From helping with vendor selection for new projects to inspecting and repairing decades-old structures, we are driven by a maintain versus replace mentality. Ex-Tend will maximize your investments, prevent accidents, and demonstrate results that show up clearly on the bottom line. Discover our Ex-Tend solution to increase your structural lifespans.

Proven Success

When it comes to successful asset inspection and repair, no one else comes close. Do business with confidence knowing your asset management is guided by a team of experts trusted across the infrastructure industry. Utility, retail, recreation, transportation, oil and gas, telecom, and more: industry leaders trust our experience, expertise, and responsiveness to guide them through infrastructure and asset management projects.

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