Find and Correct Anchor Bolt Damage with Anchor Bolt Remediation from Exo

Anchor bolts are a critical element of tubular steel poles with drilled concrete pier foundations and steel caisson foundations. Drilled concrete pier foundations are especially vulnerable to anchor bolt failure. These angle and dead-end structures are under the most significant loads which puts them under more stress. Anchor bolts are a critical structural element in steel pole foundations that must be regularly inspected and maintained in order to uphold structural integrity.

Common Threats to Anchor Bolts

Some of the most pervasive threats to anchor bolts include:

Corrosion – If you detected deterioration as a result of corrosion inspection, minor corrosion and the thin layer of corrosive material it leaves can often be removed. If corrosion has gone unchecked, anchor bolt replacement may become necessary.

Manufacturing Defects – When steel poles are improperly manufactured, their anchor bolts might be compromised from the beginning. Performing in-plant inspections [LINK] can prevent catastrophic failures on a newly fabricated asset

Installation and Construction: When post-construction documentation identifies anchor bolt issues, those should be rectified right away to avoid serious damage and complications.

The bottom line is, if anchor bolts are damaged in any way, they impact the structural reliability of the foundation, which, in turn, impacts the overall function and liability of the structure.

To replace anchor bolts, you must remove the damaged bolts and core in new bolts into the concrete by drilling a hole into the concrete foundation. Then, secure the new bolt into the foundation with a highly durable epoxy resin. This is a challenging process on an in-service structure, which Exo has the equipment and expertise to tackle.

Proper in-service anchor bolt repair is far more cost-effective than removing the pole and replacing the foundation. But not all anchor bolts can be repaired and replaced, and not every foundation will remain sound with repair alone. Thorough, ongoing inspection and effective engineering are essential to protect you from dangerous, costly failures associated with anchor bolt damage. Exo is qualified to help you make the decision to repair or replace with confidence, and with a committment to safety and responsibility.

Exo contractor conducting initial quality assurance audit

Repair and Replace Anchor Bolts Safely

Whether it’s weld repair, coatings repair, or correcting structural damage, successful remediation is critical to avoiding pole and tower collapse and subsequent catastrophic failures. Exo completes safe, compliant, cost-effective structural repairs on in-service assets across infrastructure industries. Contact us to plan your field service and repair.