Asset Program Management

Proactive Asset Management for a Longer Lifespan

What is asset management? It’s a comprehensive approach that includes engineering and construction, asset inspection, remediation, and repair. Comprehensive, holistic asset management prevents structural damage and catastrophic failure that impacts your bottom line and harms your reputation. Making asset management services a priority means safety, attention to detail, and providing high-quality, uninterrupted services are at the top of your list.

A Proven Solution for Longer Asset Lifespan

Tracking asset condition across the infrastructure is a challenge, and you need a partner who understands structural integrity to tackle it. Exo offers asset management solutions that help you proactively manage the development, maintenance, and repair cycle of your assets.


Ex-Tend™ is our proprietary, turnkey approach that strengthens structural assets across their lifecycle and helps them last longer. We are uniquely able to assist with your construction or supply chain quality program through services like in-plant inspections and process audits. Our combined engineering, manufacturing, construction, nondestructive testing, and maintenance expertise allows us to make sure your programs run smoothly and efficiently.


Whether used comprehensively or tactically, Asset Program Management service helps you anticipate and avoid structural damage. You can do business with peace of mind knowing your assets are being attended to by infrastructure industry experts.

Data-Driven Solutions
Enhanced Asset Reliability
Ex-Tend Full Lifecycle Approach

Asset Program Management Offerings:

  • Thorough field inspection backed by the data-rich Exo Asset Health Score
  • Aerial inspections with remote UAV flights to capture high-resolution images
  • Detailed remediation guidance and repair
  • Laboratory testing to detail the materials and manufacturing processes of each asset
  • Arm load testing
  • Expert witness/litigation support
  • Pre-qualification vendor audits for new pole structures
  • Design review
  • Specification for and in-plant QA of needed replacement assets
  • Review construction in the field for correct installation
Industries Served