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9 Questions Answered on Catastrophic Failure, with Wesley J. Oliphant. P.E.

9 Questions Answered on Catastrophic Failure, with Wesley J. Oliphant, P.E.

Exo co-founder Wes J. Oliphant, P.E., has spent nearly 50 years investigating and successfully helping utilities mitigate risk against catastrophic structural failure. In this short video, Wes shares 9 high-level, yet insightful lessons from his up-close experience investigating catastrophic failures in both new and aging infrastructure.

“If utilities want a resilient grid,
they have to learn from failure.”
–Wesley J. Oliphant, P.E.

A few examples of questions Wes covers in this short video:

  • What is the most common type of asset failure? (1:22)
  • What is the lead cause of failure? (2:40)
  • What are the biggest concerns you see facing utilities in the future? (5:10)

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