Aerial Inspections: How Drones are Improving Inspections

From wedding videos to promotional footage, it’s amazing what breathtaking sights can be captured by cameras using drone technology. No longer do camera crews have to take expensive and dangerous trips in planes or helicopters to film from great heights — drones make it simple and inexpensive!

But these trendy gadgets are more than just tools for amazing camera angles, they can also be the best way to conduct complex inspections with precision. Here is everything you need to know about how drones are improving aerial inspections.

How Are Drones Improving Aerial Inspections


Inspections for assets at height can be a costly endeavor. Any inspection that might put a technician in a potentially dangerous environment is going to require more resources, specifically time, because of the nature of the task.

These inspections can also come with a higher price tag because they require large and expensive machinery and vehicles to put a technician up in the air. (The length of time it takes to get and keep a technician up there to complete the inspection will run up a tab as well.)

By using drones for inspections, you eliminate the need for heavy machinery and large vehicles and replace them with a small, aerial tool that can be operated by a technician on the ground. You won’t have to pay for the operation of special vehicles or equipment and the use of drones can also significantly cut down on man-hours, significantly reducing the cost of these inspections as well.


It goes without saying that many types of inspection can be somewhat dangerous. Whether it is with hazardous materials, confined space, or from great heights, many inspections can involve putting technicians at risk for injury.

While the traditional practice of using man-baskets for inspections at significant elevations may sometimes be appropriate, using drones for aerial drone inspections eliminates the need for a technician to be in the air physically inspecting any assets.

Using this emerging technology, a technician can operate the drone from the ground and position the camera remotely, conducting the inspection for as long and as many times as they need to to appropriately evaluate the assets being inspected.

Technicians will not have to use heavy or expensive equipment to conduct thorough inspections, they can safely operate a drone to do the work for them.


Drone inspections operate in ways that are much more precise than a technician could accomplish on their own from the ground or in a manned aircraft. By using drones for aerial inspections, your assets can be monitored in higher detail and at a greater scale.

The recording aspect of drone surveillance can also be instrumental in improving the inspection process.

No longer will you have to rely on the qualitative data provided by a technician and relayed on hand recorded reports. Tracking inspection data through drones allows you to access surveillance footage to get a look at the specific area of inspection whenever you need to. There will be no need to rely on memory when the data is accessible at all times.

Using drone technology for inspections certainly does not eliminate the need for technicians. There is no need to fear that the health and safety of your assets might be in the hands of technology alone. At Exo Inc., our experienced technicians use professional drone cameras and their expert knowledge to complete all inspections with precision and excellence.

A precise and thorough aerial inspection is the first step necessary to improve any industry. Don’t let just anyone handle this crucial task.  At Exo Inc., we are unmatched in our thorough and innovative practices ensuring the preservation of assets and return on investments in a wide range of fields through our innovative programs like Ex-tend.

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