Base Covers: Your Worst Enemy

As a plant manager or supervisor, you have countless responsibilities and it is imperative that no detail, no matter how minute, is overlooked.  There are always so many tasks to complete and projects to manage that even the most attentive supervisor lacks the bandwidth to attend to every little detail of a project or plant maintenance.

Because of this, it is crucial for the success of your projects that the equipment being used is of a high quality, from base to screw.  One of these elements that you may not have considered are base covers. Never thought that these common pieces could be a danger? Think again. Here is what you need to know.

What to Know About Base Covers

What Are Base Covers?

Base covers are so common on commercial grade lighting and utility poles that you may never have thought to notice them.

A base cover is a round or square-shaped “box” that is placed at the base of a utility pole or lighting pole. These fixtures are usually made of metal  or a high-heat resistant plastic. They are usually in a “clamshell” shape, meaning the two pieces fit together around the component to be fastened together.

Base covers can be used as a means of protection or even serve as a decoration or advertisement if you opt for custom, branded base covers.

What’s the Big Deal?

Many people choose to add base covers as a means to cover up unsightly bolts and screws, but this aesthetic improvement can actually lead to a myriad of issues.

Primarily, base covers attract and trap moisture around the base plate and anchor bolts which results in severe corrosion. Furthermore, since the base cover’s purpose is to hide the anchor bolts, the corrosion can go unnoticed and lead to even more significant damage resulting in the inevitable replacement of the asset entirely.

What are My Options?

To put it simply, base covers have no tangible benefit to commercial lighting poles, aside from the slight aesthetic improvements that may be made. Ultimately, they will only be a source of damage to your assets.

Be sure to be proactive and have an experienced professional inspect your lighting poles. Immediately remove any base covers you may already have, check for corrosion, and remediate promptly with high-quality field service and repair.

When it comes to protecting your assets, the most important thing is that all components are properly assembled and installed to begin with.

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