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Commercial Lighting: Do You Have Effective Repair and Replacement Protocols In Place?

Commercial property and athletic facility owners rely on their area and sports field lighting to perform when needed. Whether used to illuminate a dark parking lot after hours for consumers or allowing athletes to schedule night games, these commercial exterior lighting assets are viewed by owners as essential to support both the function of a specific space as well as maintain the safety of those onsite at the facility, building, or park.

The Impact of Repair and Replacement Protocols

The Potential Impact of Not Having a Proactive Asset Management Program

Most commercial lighting owners recognize the importance of keeping their assets performing at maximum capacity. However, many don’t have a thorough and effective maintenance practice in place. Instead, these commercial lighting owners take a more reactive approach to repair and replacement protocols. Barring a visibly broken pole or a swaying structure, most assume that as long as the lights turn on when needed, the structure is fully functional. Unfortunately, this reactive approach to commercial exterior lighting can have significant, potentially devastating consequences.

Failure to implement a proactive asset management program for repairs and replacements leaves both your lighting structures and your business vulnerable to a multitude of threats, risks, and vulnerabilities. Older poles can be highly susceptible to extensive structural damage, such as rust and corrosion. Over time, ignoring your light poles can lead to architectural compromises and even catastrophic failures, resulting in power delivery disruptions, safety hazards, and excessive expenditures for facility owners.

Leveraging Routine, Thorough Health Rating Evaluations

If your business currently doesn’t have a repair and replacement protocol in place, you could be putting your business reputation, patron safety, and energy infrastructure at risk. Implementing a consistent inspection practice for all of your exterior commercial lights can promote sustained health, performance, and longevity. Most importantly, you don’t have to allocate additional internal resources to get the program properly implemented. Commercial and athletic property owners often opt to partner with a third-party provider that offers comprehensive, structural health ratings on your commercial exterior lighting to help expedite a repair and replacement protocol.

Outsourcing structural health assessments can help extend the functionality and lifespan of these expensive outdoor assets. A trusted partner will use non-destructive testing (NDT) strategies to establish a health baseline on every individual structure. NDT assessments are specifically designed to identify a multitude of defects and deficiencies that may warrant attention, including:

  • Corrosion
  • Distress
  • Wall loss
  • Baseplate crack
  • Structural fatigue

An outsourced vendor will also have the tools, staff, and insight needed to identify manufacturing defects or general wear and tear concerns.

Structural Lighting Specialists Can Deliver Ultimate Asset Peace of Mind

After assigning a grade to your exterior fixtures, your structural lighting specialist will work with you to develop a customized solution for repairs and replacements. Your provider will collaborate with your stakeholders to designate specific rules and standards for optimized performance and functionality. For example, you may decide that every pole with a C-rating or above will be repaired, and anything ranked below a C should be replaced. Having the ability to evaluate each fixture on an individual basis best equips your organization to make cost-conscious decisions that protect your business as well as your patrons and consumers.

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