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Creating a Structure-Strengthening Program

No matter how strong your structural assets are, deterioration happens over time. But a focused structure-strengthening program keeps assets functional for longer, while ensuring streamlined field service and repair.

To keep structures strong and resistant to damage and degradation, it’s important to thoroughly assess potential threats, develop a comprehensive system for managing and repairing those threats, and to find a partner with the industry experience and best practices you need to keep things working.

Your company integrity, customer satisfaction, and team member safety all depend on your commitment to a holistic approach to pole inspection and structure-strengthening. To make that happen, three questions must be answered.

How to Create a Structure-Strengthening Program

How Are You Assessing Threats?

You can only correct as many problems as you can detect when it comes to improving structural assets. The more in-depth your testing methods, the greater the chances you will spot any problems at their earliest stages, before they compromise infrastructure or pose safety hazards.

To do this, experts recommend nondestructive testing methods (NDT; also called NDE, or nondestructive examination). NDT checks poles and structures inside and out, using visual, ultrasonic, and magnetic testing techniques, among others. NDT keeps assets intact while alerting you to issues with coating deterioration, foundation degradation, structural damage, corrosion, and more.

What Is the Scope of Your Program?

Nondestructive testing is just one of the many quality assurance measures you should consider when developing a structure-strengthening program. The scope of any asset management program should cover the full lifecycle:

  • Have you audited your processes?
  • Has the plant where your assets are manufactured passed rigorous inspection?
  • Can you trust your vendors?

Answering questions like these may not prevent every problem with your structural assets. But they go a long way toward upholding integrity and preventing manufacturing defects or installation issues from derailing your infrastructure through outages, damage, or accidents.

Where Are Your Partnerships?

As you commit to more ambitious standards in your structure-strengthening program, you  need a partner you can trust to safeguard your structural assets, inspect and strengthen your components, and execute due diligence at every phase of your asset lifecycle.

Working with one partner for structural inspection, another for maintenance, and another for quality assurance can be risky. You don’t want to juggle contacts and projects among multiple agencies and departments. You need streamlined communication with a team of experts you can trust to get the job done and keep things running smoothly.

Exo is the partner industry leaders rely on. Manufacturing, engineering, installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair: you need all these as tenets of a structural asset management program for your structures to stand the test of time. Our proprietary full-lifecycle approach, our extensive training and experience, and our high standards of excellence make us the trusted partner for industry leaders in utility and power generation.

If you want more from your structure-strengthening program, we can help. We offer inspection, testing, and management strategies for an array of assets across industries. Request a consultation with our team today, and keep your assets stronger for years to come.

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