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ETS Conference 2018 to feature Exo technical paper presentations

Leaders from Exo will have the opportunity to share their decades of expertise with the gathered industry crowd at the Electrical Transmission & Substation Structures Conference (ETS) 2018.

The conference is a specialty conference on the analysis, design, construction, and maintenance of electrical transmission line and substation structures.  It provides a forum for transmission and substation engineers to exchange ideas, concepts, and philosophies while providing new engineers with the opportunity to learn more about the art and science specific to transmission lines and structures, substation structures, and foundation engineering.

Exo’s Chief Technical Officer, Wesley Oliphant will present on:

Welding Challenges in Typical Connections Used in Steel Pole Transmission Structures

Tuesday, November 6th  //  1:30 PM – 3:15 PM

The fabrication of slender tapered steel transmission pole structures often requires challenging welding procedures in complex details involving longitudinal seam welds, fillet welds, complete joint penetration (CJP) and partial joint penetration (PJP) welds in connections, splices and base plates. This paper will review some of the challenges in successfully executing these welds and welding procedures as witnessed in shop inspections. A comparison is made between several common welding methods as found in practice and recommendations will be suggested to help ensure performance under the challenging environmental and loading conditions imposed upon these structures.


Exo’s President Zachary Oliphant and Senior Technical Analyst Justin Curtis will present with Benjamin Jessup and Christopher Schnetzler of Pepco Holdings on:

KEEPING THE PROJECT ON SCHEDULE – A Case Study About Emergency Weld Repairs Required on a Newly Installed Vibratory Caisson

Wednesday, November 7th  //  10:15 AM – 12:00 PM

When critical weld repairs and an overall shortening of a foundation caisson threaten to slow down construction crews on an important transmission line construction project, several activities must be quickly and effectively completed to get the issue resolved in a safe and effective manner. This paper will review the steps taken in one such instance, including:

• Developing an overall problem statement.
• Engineering analysis of the shortened caisson depth.
• Organizing the site specific and project specific constraints that might impact execution of the repair.
• Assuring appropriate and effective weld procedures to execute the field repair and ensuring qualified and experienced welder/fitters are utilized.
• Developing an effective solution for the finish/coating repairs that would be needed following weld repairs.
• Identifying all quality assurance steps that will be needed to be executed throughout the entire repair process.


Be sure to visit us at Booth #102, and contact us now to set up a one-on-one meeting during the conference.

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