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Exo shares expertise at TSDOS

The Exo team is pleased to share its quality assurance, inspection, engineering, field service and repair expertise while leading multiple sessions during the 2018 TSDOS Symposium, September 4-7, 2018.  TSDOS is the Transmission and Substation Design and Operation Symposium which is an industry-leading opportunity to promote the exchange of ideas and experience for the benefit of those people concerned with transmission and substation design and development.

Opportunities to hear from Exo include:

  • What Every Utility Engineer, or Non-Engineer Should Know About Welding & Weld Inspection
    • Tuesday, Sept. 4; 1-4PM in Frisco 3 Room
  • Evaluating Strength Loss of Tubular Steel Poles due to Corrosion
    • Thursday, Sept 6, 3-5PM in Frisco 6-9
  • Post Galvanizing Toe Cracks in Welds: Can we Continue to Rely on a First Aid Approach to this Problem?
    • Thursday, Sept 6, 3-5PM in Frisco 6-9

We will also be at hospitality suite #401 to network with fellow conference attendees, play the Structural Asset Memory Card Game and chat.  We’ll see you there!


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