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Exploring Ex-Tend: Why You Should Use a Full Lifecycle Management Solution

If you’re an asset manager or O&M supervisor, you’ve probably run into a situation like this: in the process of managing your assets, maybe you underestimated the frequency of inspection that each asset needs. In this case, you might save much on inspection services in the short-term, but you risk the exponentially greater cost of having to replace a component that has been ignored for far too long.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you may enlist inspection services too often for the needs of your assets.

While you will always have a precise gauge on the condition of your assets, conducting more evaluations than necessary results in undue costs for your business.

Asset management without a long-term plan that is customized for a specific application means lots of guess work that will inevitably cost you money.

The best way to avoid the risks associated with poor long-term planning is to enlist services like Exo’s Ex-Tend.

Here’s what you need to know about why you should use a full lifecycle management solution.

What is Ex-Tend?

At Exo Inc., we aren’t just problem-solvers who clean up after a crisis, we keep the effects of a crisis at bay through lifecycle management programs like Ex-Tend.

Ex-Tend is a strategic lifecycle management solution that uses data to increase the lifespan of your assets. Our solutions are long-term, data-driven, and comprehensive. We ensure that each of our clients has a holistic awareness of their assets and what is required to protect them against any and all forces that may put them at risk.

The kind of awareness that Ex-Tend provides helps to evaluate steel poles and towers already in service and offers a snapshot in time of each asset’s current condition.

Based on these initial evaluations, our experienced professionals can establish a baseline and recommend next steps for asset management. Those next steps involve specifics on how and when to track and monitor each asset to maintain a healthy lifecycle and get the greatest return on your investments.

Through a specific and proactive approach to asset management, you protect your investments and reduce long term cost.

The Ex-Tend solution includes inspection, field service and repair, asset program management, and quality assurance as a part of the full package that supports your assets and protects them against even the forces of nature.

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The only way to reduce risk and ensure a full lifecycle for your assets is through proactive measures like those offered through services with Exo Inc.

With years of experience in caring for the health and well-being of company assets, the professionals at Exo Inc. are uniquely qualified to help you understand the intricacies of your assets and prepare them for anything.

The skilled professionals at Exo Inc, are trained in our company’s unique practice to evaluate and maintain your assets with precision and care.

Whether it is through lifecycle management, field service and repair, or plant maintenance, Exo Inc.offers a variety of services to address your company’s needs, whatever they may be.

Make the smart choice and get proactive today!

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