How Aerial Inspections Are Improving Wind Farm Performance

For the past few years, drones have been the hot new gift for kids and adults alike. While this technology can be an exciting toy, drones can be a practical and sophisticated way to conduct inspections for your plant or wind farm.

If you manage or supervise a wind farm, you know sticking to the status quo not only leaves you behind your competitors, but it could also put you at risk of falling out of compliance and hurting your financial performance.

That being said, you can’t improve if you don’t know your weak spots. As the adage goes, the best defense is a good offense. Protect and improve your wind farms by taking a proactive approach and bolstering your inspection procedures.

Here is everything you need to know about how aerial inspections are improving wind farm performance.

Benefits of Aerial Inspections

Improved Safety

One of the most important ways in which aerial inspections can positively affect your wind farm performance is through the various improvements in safety.

First and foremost, the ideal situation for inspectors is for a technician to be on the ground. Aerial inspections enable technicians to view from great heights without having to make the trek themselves, completely eliminating the risk associated with scaling structures and towers.

In turn, this also lowers your liability as a company contracting the technicians and reduces safety risks and hazards holistically.

Lower Costs

When you use a drone for gathering baseline data, many of the extraneous costs associated with more hazardous methods of data collection are eliminated.

By using drones, no longer will you have to suffer through outages necessary to conduct inspections by technician-only, which can drain you of time and resources.

You also eliminate the need for climbing and crane-based approaches, which are slower and involve costly equipment.

Drones are much more cost-effective than larger equipment and machinery, can perform inspections while assets are still in service, and tend to be faster than other methods of data collection.

Higher Quality Data

Collecting data on your assets is vital– it’s precisely why inspections are conducted in the first place. But not all data is created equal.

It’s important that all information being collected in regards to your assets is actually meaningful and high quality.

Drones can get up close and personal to assets in ways that ground-based inspections can’t.Typically, a ground-based inspection will take much longer, cost more, and yield lower quality data. Traditional transmission line inspections involve walking or driving the right-of-way with binoculars or using a plane or helicopter to cruise the lines. In either circumstance, inspectors are only able to identify glaring, obvious issues.

Only by using drones can you get a precise picture of the small but critical issues you may have. The high-quality photos delivered through drone inspection could be the difference between a quick remedy and laborious repair job.

Data Management Solutions

Gathering data is important, but it is all for naught if you don’t know what to do with all of that data.

This is precisely where Exo Inc.’s trusted asset management services come in. Don’t leave this process up to anyone; trust the experienced professionals at Exo Inc.

Exo Inc.’s programs, such as Ex Tend lifecycle management, help to ensure that your assets are protected from construction to replacement. We will help you use your data from inspections to develop a concrete plan so you know how to move forward to ensure great return on investment of your assets.

A company of integrity, Exo Inc. will work to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality services without breaking the bank. Our trusted technicians are happy to help you protect the long-term value of your assets and save you money holistically without sacrificing quality.

Call us today at (281) 259-7000 or contact us online for a free consultation to see how Exo Inc. can protect your assets.

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