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How to Avoid Replacing Your Lighting Infrastructure

Most business owners recognize that their commercial exterior lighting requires consistent maintenance, both to ensure performance as well as the safety of guests and consumers. Beyond safety and function, commercial outdoor area lighting and athletic field lighting is expensive. Keeping these assets in working condition can directly impact a company’s bottom line.

Despite the physical and financial benefits offered from functional commercial exterior lighting, many executives assume a reactive posture with their commercial outdoor area lighting equipment, for a wide range of reasons. Often, these corporate leaders believe that a monthly bulb check is all that’s required to keep these complex structures operating as they should.

How to Preserve Lighting Assets

Ignoring Maintenance On Lighting Assets Can Have Costly Consequences

Unfortunately, making sure that the lights turn on when needed is not nearly enough to maintain the integrity of these fixtures. This is especially true when it comes to sustaining the intricate infrastructure of these assets. External corrosion, weather damage, and malfunctioning components are typically easily identified when visually assessing the pole‘s foundation, shaft, and hardware. However, the pole‘s infrastructure health and overall lifecycle are generally more challenging to evaluate.

As a result, many corporate owners ignore a fixture’s infrastructure until they experience a significant service disruption, which may require a full (read: expensive) replacement to restore the asset. Beyond impacting a company’s profit margins, allowing the infrastructure in a commercial exterior lighting product to deteriorate beyond minor repairs can also drive a business’ risk and public liability. Malfunctioning poles, both on a corporate property as well as on an athletic field or stadium, may not properly light the surrounding area, creating unsafe conditions for anyone in the general vicinity.

Routine, Non-Destructive Testing Can Reduce the Threat of Infrastructure Damage

One of the most effective ways to avoid replacing pole infrastructure is to partner with a third-party provider that specializes in thorough lighting inspections and non-destructive testing. Qualified and experienced NDT inspectors will offer a comprehensive health rating for each individual pole on a property or facility to establish a baseline for both the structural integrity as well as the overall performance of every fixture. A reputable vendor will conduct visual testing that evaluates the foundation, baseplates, shafts, and anchor rods of the asset to determine exterior damage and deterioration. Corrosion monitoring, loose components, and missing grout are just a few of the many fixture compromises identified during visual testing.

Beyond surface and cosmetic issues, your lighting maintenance partner will also conduct several non-destructive tests as well. Magnetic particle inspections, ultrasonic testing, and an engineering/design review are just some of the many assessments they will routinely perform to establish comprehensive infrastructure health of each pole and its infrastructure.

Preventative Maintenance Can Mitigate the Need for an Infrastructure Replacement

Once your vendor determines the aesthetic and functional health of each individual lighting asset, they will consult with you to determine any necessary courses of action to keep every pole operating as it should. The right specialist will offer customized field service solutions designed to address minor repairs and restorations before they turn into a more significant (again, read: expensive) problem, such as a full replacement. By resolving smaller issues as they arise, your lighting maintenance vendor can help increase the longevity of your lighting infrastructure, keeping clients and guests safe and ultimately helping to protect your bottom line throughout the lifecycle of each pole.

Don’t risk the health and performance of your outdoor commercial lights. Contact Exo Inc. to schedule a property evaluation and hear more about how our health rating process can play a vital role in your asset management approach.

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