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How to Choose the Right Partner for Lighting Asset Management

How to Manage Lighting Structural Assets – Part 3

After you have a framework in place for your lighting asset management program, you’ll need a partner to help you execute your plans. A partner that specializes in structural inspection, evaluation, remediation, and manufacturing is unique. 

Exo has worked alongside companies and institutions across various industries to establish proactive, robust programs for commercial light maintenance. These customers come from the following sectors in the lighting industry:

Athletic Field Lighting

  • Independent School Districts
  • Public/Private Universities
  • Parks and Recreation

Commercial Lighting

  • Retailers
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Property Management

Transportation Lighting

  • Municipalities
  • Public Works
  • Departments of Transportation (DOT)
  • Infrastructure

Exo is the best bet for lighting asset management because of a unique vantage point that we bring to our customers. Our dual focus on your short-term and long-term needs informs the insights we give you to help you make wise decisions regarding your assets’ health.

What to Look for in Lighting Asset Management

Insights Based on Experience

Exo has decades of engineering and technical experience focused on the processes, materials, and techniques that make up the structures we inspect, repair, and enhance for greater sustainability. This experience has informed the insights we bring to each project, and our overall approach to infrastructure inspection and repair. We’ve seen the industry evolve and have adapted our business to accommodate innovations and technologies.

Whether you’re a utility company managing lighting poles across the country, a retailer or other commercial business concerned about the poles on your property, or a civic institution illuminating the local baseball fields, we can work with you. We understand how our work impacts various sectors and stakeholders, and we’ll ensure you and your team have peace of mind about the structural integrity of your assets.

The Eye of an Engineer

When you partner with Exo, you don’t just get a group of inspectors who’ve never done anything else. Our team includes experienced engineers who have designed and built lighting poles themselves, and know exactly what to look for when examining your assets. We can find hidden structural failures and know how to fix them right away — moving beyond simple data aggregation to offer in-depth analysis and remediation solutions.

Our Big Picture View

It can be easy for inspection professionals to get so focused on their inspection checklist that they forget about the bigger goals of the project. Not Exo.

We recognize that each asset we inspect and/or repair is part of a broader system of structures that makes up your business. Our goal is always to have a clear understanding of your organization’s top priorities, so we can deliver solutions that you find valuable. When you partner with Exo, you can let us handle the fieldwork, so you can stay focused on more mission-critical tasks relevant to your daily job.

The Exo Toolkit

Exo’s insights and perspectives would be nothing without the tools and technologies we use to put them into action. With these in place, we’re able to deliver real data, recommendations, and solutions to guide your asset management program.

Check out what’s in our toolkit that can be used for your lighting poles and other structures.

Aerial Inspection

Exo was one of the first firms in the U.S. to be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS inspection) for aerial inspection, and our pilots have the most flight time and the number of commercial flights in the U.S. To put it simply, we know what we’re doing when it comes to drone inspection.

We combine unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology with our structural expertise to provide actionable data regarding the status of your lighting assets. Following a UAV inspection, you’ll receive detailed high-resolution images and a summary report that identifies areas of concern. We’re also able to get inside poles and deliver a detailed engineering report assessing their conditions.

Exo’s drone inspections give you the information you need to make decisions about how best to repair, replace, or maintain your structures. This ultimately allows you to take a proactive approach with asset management.

Non Destructive Testing

We employ NDT testing and NDT inspection techniques with each of our inspections, meaning we evaluate your assets without causing any damage.  We’re able to draw conclusions through visual observation and testing tools that don’t leave you with additional repairs for your structures. This safe, streamlined approach covers all aspects of your lighting assets while keeping them intact.

Some examples of the tools and methods we use include:

  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Dye-penetrant testing
  • Visual inspection
  • Resistograph inspection

Exo Link

No matter how we conduct an inspection, we deliver comprehensive data to our clients through a cloud-based asset management portal, Exo Link. From the portal, you’ll have access to archived asset photos, reports, and locations that you can use to determine overarching program strategies or to make decisions about individual structures.

This portal gives you a full picture of your assets over their lifecycles in a centralized location.

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Our team would love to talk to you, so we can learn about your lighting company’s goals and primary areas of concern. Contact us today, and we’ll help you take the first step in creating a comprehensive lighting asset management program. Give us a call at 281-259-7000.

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exo-inc-blog-cta-shaking-handsReady to Work With Us?

Our team would love to talk to you, so we can learn about your lighting company’s goals and primary areas of concern. Contact us today, and we’ll help you take the first step in creating a comprehensive lighting asset management program. Give us a call at 281-259-7000.
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