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How to Keep the Game Going with Proper Lighting Maintenance

Sports field lighting adds an extra layer of fun and festivity to virtually any outdoor activity. Well-lit fields allow athletes to extend their training sessions long after the sun has set. Additionally, athletes of every age and ability level welcome an opportunity to show off all of their hard work by playing under the lights for their hometown fans.

Of course, maintaining functional athletic field lighting not only benefits players and spectators. These outdoor lighting assets also help facility owners extend their capabilities as well as even drive revenues directly to the organization’s bottom-line.

Functional Sports Field Lighting Benefits Business Owners

Despite the many financial advantages offered by athletic field lighting, many sports complex owners fail to implement a thorough asset management program. Some facility owners entirely dismiss the need for consistent inspections of their energy infrastructure. They believe that their lighting assets are architecturally designed to last for decades, which is technically true. As a result, these entrepreneurs assume that they’ll typically only have to worry about replacing light bulbs to ensure that game day is a go.

Other athletic field owners do have a process in place to assess the energy infrastructure in their fields and courts. Unfortunately, their existing protocol is not sufficient for a myriad of reasons. Thorough asset management on lighting fixtures requires extensive time, resources, and industry expertise to quickly identify and resolve pending issues before they become major issues. Most asset owners find that they are completely overburdened trying to keep their operations (or games) going. They simply don’t have the bandwidth and capabilities required for long-term, successful lighting maintenance.

Why You Should Maintain Athletic Field Lights

Do You Know How To Gauge The Health Status of Your Athletic Field Lighting Assets? 

Most sports facility stakeholders don’t realize that their lighting assets have been compromised until it’s too late. It’s only after an unexpected malfunction or pole break has occurred that they take the time to evaluate their entire asset system, which can have severe structural and financial consequences. Field lights are large, often ranging up to as much as 150 feet. They can also weigh thousands of pounds. Even a single malfunctioning or broken pole can require cost-prohibitive repairs or even a replacement. Worse yet, if a compromised structure breaks during a game or event, it could potentially cause serious, or even fatal, personal injury to anyone in the vicinity.

Athletic Field Lighting Demands Qualified, Professional Maintenance

If you’re concerned that your field lighting structures aren’t game ready, it’s essential to partner with a qualified asset management professional. A team of structural inspectors can evaluate your poles, establishing both a current health rating of individual structures as well as a customized maintenance program for moving forward. Your trusted partner will go beyond superficial assessments, using non-destructive testing methods to take a deep dive into the functionality and structural integrity of every pole. You’ll receive a detailed outline of issues such as corrosion, welding needed, cracks, and any other deterioration or damage.

This practice of consistent asset inspection can designate minor issues before they become a significant problem, often providing substantial savings to owners. Most importantly, a proper lighting maintenance program can help elevate the health rating on each pole. This long-term assessment process delivers added performance longevity and peace of mind that the pole is structurally sound, no matter when game day rolls around

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