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Let’s Save Some Money: The Financial Advantages of Proactive Lighting Maintenance and Inspections

A well-designed commercial outdoor area lighting solution delivers several critical benefits to both building owners and consumers. Proper office, retail, and athletic field lighting at entrances and exits, as well as the periphery and interiors of parking lots, help motorists and pedestrians easily navigate through the area. Additionally, sufficiently lit exterior spaces can also help keep clients and consumers safe. Malfunctioning poles can create “dead spots,” instantly increasing the threat and opportunity for criminal activities that could result in loss or physical harm for shoppers and passersby.

How Light Pole Maintenance Saves You Money

Most Property Managers and Owners Neglect Lighting Maintenance

Despite the many benefits offered with functional commercial outdoor lighting, many property managers and facility owners neglect routine maintenance and inspection of their exterior poles and fixtures. For most, failing to implement a thorough asset management plan for their outdoor lighting structures is not a conscious or deliberate action. These commercial and retail property executives are simply too overscheduled and overburdened trying to maintain the full range of other facility factors that warrant their attention. As a result, most choose a reactive approach to structural lighting maintenance, springing into action only when a pole shows obvious distress, malfunctions, or breaks.

Exterior Lighting: Reap the Benefits of a Proper Asset Management Approach

Ignoring the benefits of consistent asset management with your exterior lighting solution can have costly consequences. Exposure to the elements, inferior designs, and basic wear and tear can eventually take their toll, compromising the structural integrity of the pole, base, fixtures, and various other components, putting your business at financial and legal risk. Regular lighting testing and upkeep can safeguard your patrons, mitigate the threat of legal action, and protect your professional interests.

Yes, working with an outsourced lighting maintenance professional for consistent non-destructive testing and evaluation will initially prove an added upfront expense when first implemented as part of a cohesive asset management plan. However, these short-term costs can deliver significant long-term savings and financial advantages to commercial and athletic enterprises. Driving proactive lighting inspections instead of reactive responses to a malfunction can save you money in several essential ways:

Preventative Maintenance

As capital assets, extensive repairs on lighting poles can put a significant dent in a business’ budget. Consistent exterior lighting evaluations provide a baseline grade for each individual pole placed on your property, both aesthetically and functionally. These preventative maintenance measures provide big-picture insight on all of your outdoor structures and can help you identify areas of concern that require minor repairs before they turn into major problems.

Prolonged Lifespan

Thorough testing on your property’s commercial area lighting can also help increase the longevity and functionality of each pole on the property. Proactive and preventative maintenance measures reinforce structural strength and integrity, which can help each light work safely for a more extended period. This prolonged lifespan can incur significant savings in total replacement expenses.

Property Damage and Physical Injuries

Unsafe exterior lights pose a serious threat to anyone or anything on your property. A falling pole can cause significant damage to vehicles or physical injuries to any pedestrians in the area. Taking proactive, preventative actions with your lighting inspections can reduce the risk of property damage or bodily injuries that may result in exorbitantly high legal expenses and court fees.

Brand Reputation

Even a single lighting mishap can create irrevocable brand damage, sending shoppers and clients directly to the nearest competition. Consistent lighting maintenance can also help protect your brand reputation amongst consumers and visitors, ultimately helping to protect your business’ profit margins.

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