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Repairing vs Replacing: The Benefits of Lighting Maintenance

In the modern age, single-use products seem to be more common than ever. When most products are cheaply made to cut costs, it is often the most prudent choice to buy new rather than replace, but should this always be the case?

If you’re debating repairing versus replacing your lighting structures, here is what you need to know to make an informed decision.


Cost Effective

In most circumstances, repairing a light pole can be the most cost-effective solution for long-term maintenance of your commercial grade lighting.

Particularly in the case of larger commercial lighting like stadium lights, it is almost always more prudent to repair the damaged part of a pole than it would be to replace the asset in its entirety.

A unique quality of Exo Inc. and our technicians is our strategic full lifecycle approach to commercial lighting solutions and commercial lighting maintenance. Given our company’s long history in the field of commercial lighting services, we have the experience and knowledge to evaluate your commercial lighting pole with precision.

Less Waste

Ultimately, every one of us could benefit from more environmentally friendly practices. Perhaps you’re a bit more careful to recycle or you’ve started carpooling to work. The same should be said for commercial lighting.

Entirely scrapping a lighting pole is no small task. Since entirely replacing a lighting pole is such a large undertaking, it also involves disposing of large materials that can be costly.

The best alternative is to keep up with maintenance so you can circumvent the risk of entirely replacing a lighting pole and only replace damaged components.

That being said, when your lighting professional conducts an assessment of your commercial lighting, they may find that the best way to ensure sustainability and extend the overall life of your assets is to make some replacements.


Heavy Damage

When it comes down to it, sometimes the debate between repairing and replacing lighting is won simply by the state of the lighting pole itself.

Commercial grade lighting that has served thousands of games, weathered storms and faithfully stood the test of time is likely due for replacement. All things have a fixed lifecycle and the same is certainly true for commercial lighting.

The best way to determine if the lifecycle of your assets is coming to a close is by hiring a professional like those at Exo Inc. We are unmatched in our thorough and innovative practices ensuring the preservation of assets and return on investments in a wide range of fields.

If you are looking to fully reap the benefits of lighting maintenance and learn whether your lighting should be repaired or replaced, call us today at (281) 259-7000 or contact us online for a free consultation to see how Exo Inc. can protect your assets.

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