Resilient Structures Program

3 Asset Life Extension Case Studies – Wesley J. Oliphant. P.E.

Case Study 1: “Hidden Risk: Corrosion from the Inside Out”

As part of a public presentation, Co-Founder and CTO of Exo recounts when Jacksonville Electric Authority recognized they needed structural viability on a line that could withstand the upcoming hurricane season.

After inspection, the structures proved to have severe corrosion from the inside out. The solution was to be a custom engineered pre-fabricated structural splint system designed and installed to extend the useful life of a 50 year old line.

This project provided the structural reinforcement that the system needed to remain resilient until the line could be rebuilt. Exo was able to do it for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Case Study 2: “A Custom Steel Strengthening Solution”

As part of a white paper and technical presentation at TSDOS, Co-Founder and CTO of Exo, Wes Oliphant recounts a life extension project on a critical 345 KV line in Austin, Texas.

Replacing the line was going to be too expensive and disruptive. The line was critical serving the City of Austin from the South Texas Nuclear Plant. Wes and his team engineered a custom life extension solution to address corrosion at the interface of the grout line to the pole that threatened the reliability of the system.

Case Study 3: ” Assessing and Extending the Life of Steel Utility Poles”

As part of a white paper and technical presentation, Co-Founder and CTO of Exo, Wes Oliphant recounts a life extension project for Westerville Electric Company. Upon inspection corrosion was detected on a 50 year distribution line. Westerville needed a fast reliable remediation solution because the lines were in backyards, parks, and along sidewalks of the Westerville community. Exo stepped in and solved the problem, with a reinforcing splint. to restore the strength externally instead of replacing the steel. Exo engineered and executed a solution in an exceptional way.

Exo is a structural engineering and data-driven asset management firm founded in Houston, Texas. We have inspected and remediated transmission and distribution structures for utilities, co-ops, and municipalities all over the U.S. We are led by award-winning structural engineers with decades of experience who have helped shape the overhead power line structures industry today.

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