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Exo to share at TSDOS 2019

Exo will attend and host a Pre-Conference Session at TSDOS 2019.

TSDOS (Transmission Substation Design Operation Symposium) is a leading conference for the power generation / utility industry, and once again, the Exo team will be in full force sharing best practices for ensuring structural integrity.  The Conference will be held on September 4-6, 2019.  Check back on this page to learn more about where to find Exo at TSDOS.


Pre-Conference Session

Topic: What Every Utility Engineer, or Non-Engineer Should Know About Welding & Weld Inspection

When: September 3, 2019; 1-4PM


Few engineering curriculums prepare electrical, civil, or mechanical engineering students for an understanding of the critical elements of welding and weld inspection. As a result, when most Utility Engineers, become involved with making decisions, or rendering opinions regarding weld related matters, many are ill prepared on the subject matter. This workshop will provide insightful and useful knowledge about welding and weld inspection that will better prepare every Utility Engineer as those situations arise. We will cover:

  • How to include performance based welding related language in your technical specifications;
  • How to interpret the weld details on pole and tower drawings you review;
  • How to recognize visually acceptable welding on fabricated materials received for a project;
  • How non-destructive weld testing is performed (this will be a hands-on demonstration in which participants will get to perform UT/MT weld testing on sample welded joints);
  • Understanding the potential significance/criticality of field problems involving welding issues.

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