What We See: Assets at War with the Environment

Plenty of forces are working against your assets at any given moment. From daily wear and tear to the effects of time itself, your assets are at constant risk of degradation.

There may be no greater antagonist to the lifecycle of your assets than the environment. When a storm or natural disaster occurs, there is a litany of added factors that can cause damage.

Wind, water, and even debris are forces that put added stress on infrastructure and result in significant damage.

What to Know About Assets and the Environment

What We See

This photo is a prime example of what happens when the elements wreak havoc on your assets.

This image shows an anchor bolt for a steel pole foundation that has completely corroded. Often, grout that suffers damage due to environmental elements traps in moisture. Since this moisture remains in contact with the rod, the corrosion process is significantly expedited.

In circumstances such as these, it is highly likely that the full extent of the corrosion will remain unnoticed unless closely inspected. In this instance, the pole is at risk of falling down completely, resulting in further devastation.

As pictured, this asset needs significant attention. These anchor rods are corroded beyond a useful life and must be replaced or this pole will almost assuredly fall.

The process to replace is certainly no walk in the park: a team of skilled professionals must arrive onsite and remove the pole safely with a crane. New anchor rods will then be installed on the foundation itself.

This endeavor is an extremely costly repair that could potentially have been avoided with a few precautions: first and foremost, proper installation is key.

Grout should never be installed by an initial contractor– this work looks like the result of an electrician doing the work of a structural engineer. Always be sure that the technicians working with your assets are appropriately skilled and certified.

Another factor that could have prevented this from happening is thorough routine inspection and maintenance. The best solution is a proactive one: enlist the services of a qualified asset management company like Exo Inc to assess your materials.

To avoid risks like these, start with a call to the seasoned professionals at Exo Inc.

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The skilled professionals at Exo Inc, are trained in our company’s unique practice to evaluate and maintain your assets with precision and care.

With a variety of services such as Ex-Tend lifecycle management, field service and repair, and plant maintenance, Exo Inc. is uniquely prepared to serve your company’s needs, whatever they may be.

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