What We See: Corroded Insulator Hook

Routine inspections are a critical part of utility operations and maintenance strategies.  Proactive assessments are what position line operators to maintain an acceptable level of reliability for the customers they serve and the public at large.  But in order for inspections to add value to their full potential, they must be DETAILED!

What to Know About Corroded Insulator Hooks

What We See

Inspections from the ground or fly-by aerial checkups just won’t cut it when you need to identify details such as this corroded insulator hook.  Look closely and you can see how much of the eye has worn away.  This connection is at risk of imminent failure.  Conditions like this on aging critical infrastructure can lead to unexpected failures that cause expensive outages, or worse can lead to wildfires, property damage, and other safety issues to the public.

It is essential that your inspection activities can offer the detail and coverage necessary to find the smallest of defects.  Drone technology has been somewhat hindered by slow and onerous rulemaking (for reasons both good and bad), but still offers the absolute best perspective of critical equipment without putting lineman at risk during climbing or aerial patrols.  This technology coupled with powerful data management tools can yield truly powerful insights to asset owners.  And finally, having someone with the right experience and expertise analyzing the photos is an essential piece to the puzzle.  A high quality image is worthless if the person reviewing it doesn’t know what to look for.  A lineman’s perspective and knowledge base is simply invaluable.  Stay safe out there!

Proactive Measures

The best way to avoid unfortunate results of equipment breakdown is by taking a proactive approach to assets management.

At Exo, we aren’t just problem-solvers who clean up after a crisis, we keep the effects of a crisis at bay through lifecycle management programs like Ex-Tend.

Ex-Tend is a strategic lifecycle management program that uses data to increase the lifecycle of your assets. Our solutions are long-term, data-driven, and comprehensive. We ensure that each of our clients has a holistic awareness of their assets and what is required to protect them against any and all forces that may put them at risk.

The Ex-Tend solution includes inspection, field service and repair, asset program management, and quality assurance as a part of the full package that supports your assets and protects them against even the forces of nature.

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Thorough inspection is key to catching potential weak points before they turn into complete disasters.

With years of experience in caring for the holistic health and well-being of company assets, the professionals at Exo are uniquely qualified to help you understand the intricacies of your assets and prepare them for any eventuality.

The skilled professionals at Exo, are trained in our company’s unique practice to evaluate and maintain your assets with precision and care.

With a variety of services such as Ex-Tend lifecycle management, field service and repair, and plant maintenance, Exo Inc. is fully prepared to serve your company’s needs, whatever they may be.

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