What We See: Corroded Jumper Bolts

Transmission systems are the unsung heroes of our everyday lives. As such, even the slightest flaws can have disastrous effects, not only for the owner of the asset, but for all of the people who rely on its services.

Because of this, it is crucial these assets are protected and inspected for quality and reliability. While the jumper cable bolts in this image may look only mildly flawed, the issues that appear the smallest can result in significant (and dangerous) damage.

Here’s what you need to know about what we see in this photo: corroded jumper bolts.

What We See

Bolted jumper connections can be a weak point in a transmission system. Corrosion, thermal expansion, vibration, and other forces can weaken these connections over time, which results in a failure.

As this photo demonstrates, corrosion in jumper bolts can be difficult to detect with the naked eye, but if one of these bolts were to come loose, an outage would be sure to follow.

It is crucial that technicians are careful to properly inspect these assets to ensure their proper operation.

Repairs and Prevention

Ultimately, being proactive is the best method for ensuring that assets will function as they are designed to.

UAV inspections can provide close up visual inspections of transmission lines and identify issues before they become severe. This can be done while the line is still energized, saving the operator money from an outage all while keeping the inspector safely on the ground. This method ensures a precise visual inspection of the damaged component that may be difficult or impossible to achieve with a technician in the air.

This is not, however, the only method available for inspecting transmission systems well.

This component could also be inspected with a ground based or drone mounted infrared sensor, as bolted connections that become loose can heat up significantly and present themselves as an issue during a thermal scan.

Whatever method of inspection you choose, it is paramount that you behave proactively to ensure a full lifecycle for this asset.

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