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What We See: Loose Static Pin

Protecting your power grids and lines is crucial for maintaining the safe and efficient operations of your business on a daily basis.

Since most power lines are exposed to the elements, they are often vulnerable to damage that can be caused by strong winds and natural disasters.

This image shows what often happens when a transmission line suffers damage from wind exposure.

Today on the blog we explore what this image reveals and how to reduce your risk. Here is what we see: a loose static pin.

What We See

This photo shows something commonly revealed through routine transmission line inspections.

Since power lines are exposed, they are often subject to heavy winds. Wind-induced vibration can cause severe line “galloping” which can shake loose critical hardware.

If cotter pins are not installed correctly during construction or maintenance, the likelihood of these pins backing out and dropping conductors is much higher. A failure like this is likely to cause a costly outage on the line.

Trust the Exo Difference

Ultimately, the best approach to asset management is a proactive strategy: stop these problems before they start.

Had this client enlisted the services of a quality asset management company, field service and repair might have caught this mistake and repaired it before the asset was further compromised.

With services like Exo’s Ex-tend asset management program, we strategize the best ways to approach lifecycle management and ensure the full lifecycle of all your assets.

Whether it is through lifecycle management, or plant maintenance, Exo is uniquely prepared to serve your company’s needs and keep your assets safe from risk and degradation.

At Exo, we don’t wait for problems to arise before we take action. Stop problems like the ones in this photo before they occur by calling today to talk with the Exo experts.

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