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What We See: Pole Degradation and Collapse

More than most other assets, it is crucial that large components such as light poles be protected from damage at all costs.

Not only is it expensive to repair or replace a light pole, but a compromised light pole can put your business (and anyone near it) at risk. Damaged light poles become a significant hazard at the first sign of a strong wind or storm, and a light pole in a state the one pictured is likely to fall, leaving you liable for expensive damage.

At Exo, our first priority is keeping your assets safe from harm. To learn more about how our services could have prevented the damage in this photo, here’s what we see: pole degradation and collapse.

What to Know About Pole Degradation and Collapse

What We See

This photo features an area lighting pole in a sorry state.

As can be observed from the significant disintegration of the baseplate, the base cover requires removal.

In most circumstances, there is no need for base covers at all. While they are sometimes more aesthetically pleasing, they often cause more damage than the aesthetic benefits warrants.

Basecovers trap in moisture, and since there is nowhere for that water to escape, the components corrode and break down, causing significant damage and putting the lighting pole at risk for a fall.

Chances are, this heavy damage is the result of poor maintenance and cutting corners repeatedly.

Based on the layers of peeling paint, it appears that maintenance crews may have painted over problems a number of times, coating cracks and fissures with paint rather than addressing the issue.

Ignoring the small imperfections in this lighting pole is what led to the continual trapping of moisture inside the pole, and therefore the eventual degradation of the entire asset.

At this point, the pole is at a significant risk for falling if not inspected and repaired immediately.

Making Repairs

The first step in repairing this asset is to remove the base cover that never should have been installed in the first place.

Once the damaged base plate is removed, adequate drainage can be applied to the foundation so water does not gathered near the base of the pole, preventing further corrosion.

After this first issue is addressed, the pole must be inspected further to evaluate any structural damage the light pole may have suffered as a result of the corrosion.

As mentioned earlier, this light pole appears to have several layers of paint covering up damage over time.

To sufficiently inspect the component, this paint will need to be removed with a grinder to best evaluate the extent of corrosion.

The next steps in inspection would be to devise different remediation strategies to slow down corrosion and extend the life of this asset— all of this in an effort to circumvent the risk of a fallen pole and prolong the need to remove and replace the asset.

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