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What We See: Spall Caused by Lightning Strike

There’s no way to prevent weather-related damage from affecting your assets. When it comes to storms and other natural disasters, it is crucial that you have an acute awareness of any damage that your assets have suffered. Knowing this can be the difference between expedient repairs and damage that goes unnoticed and leads to a failure down the road.

This image shows what is known as a spall in the concrete transmission pole that may have been caused by a lightning strike.

For more on this issue, here is what we see: A spall caused by lightning strike.

This is what you need to know.

What We See

This image shows what can happen when damaged concrete goes unnoticed.

In this case, damage to the concrete has exposed the steel reinforcement to the elements, making it vulnerable to corrosion. At this point, it is no longer just the exterior of your assets that are at risk for damage, but the vital structural elements of those assets as well.

Most likely, this damage was caused by lightning. Inadequate grounding systems can also be a contributing factor to damage of this sort.  Fortunately, spalls like this at the tip of the pole are not as critical to the structural performance of the asset (though it should still be repaired at the next available opportunity).  However, if you ever see a spall with exposed reinforcement in the mid span or near the base, the problem could be much more severe and should receive immediate attention.

Repairs and Prevention

To handle this kind of damage, the asset owner will need to patch the spall to prevent further deterioration to the steel reinforcement and examine the grounding system to prevent damage from future lightning strikes.

Ultimately, the best way to prevent and manage damage like this is to take a proactive approach to asset management.

The full requirements for maintaining the health and safety of assets are what is known as a full lifecycle approach and it is precisely the type of asset management program in which Exo Inc. specializes.

This full life cycle approach is what Exo refers to as Ex-Tend and it is the most effective strategy in lengthening the lifespan of critical infrastructure, while reducing and levelizing annual maintenance costs.

Trust the Exo Inc. Difference

Ultimately, the best approach to asset management is a proactive strategy.

With services like Exo Inc.’s Ex-Tend asset management program, we strategize the best ways to approach lifecycle management and ensure the full lifecycle of all your assets.

Whether it is through lifecycle management, field service and repair, or plant maintenance, Exo Inc. is uniquely prepared to serve your company’s needs.

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