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What We See: T-Line Storm Damage

For those who own or service utility transmission and area lighting poles, these assets that remain outdoors can bring with them an extra set of operations and maintenance related challenges. Between UV damage, constant exposure to wind and rain, and the potential for vehicular damage, managing outdoor assets can give you a lot to worry about. 

When designed and installed properly, transmission and light poles are built to weather heavy storms of varying degrees depending on your location.  It is also crucial that those assets be well maintained so that they continue to perform as originally intended. 

This photo illustrates what can happen during some of Mother Nature’s most troubling storms: Tornados. 

Here’s what you need to know about what we see in this photo: Storm Damage to T-Line. 

What We See

Though it may appear small, the damage shown in this photo can lead to very significant, costly, and potentially dangerous issues.

Here we see a clevis that has failed during a severe weather event in Oklahoma, right in the heart of tornado alley. This type of weather is a regular occurrence for those that live in this part of the country.

This type of damage, if not identified and repaired quickly, will likely lead to a failure of the transmission line at some point in the near future. 

Failures like this can be costly, not only because of the resources required to restore the line and bring it back in service (resources that can be scarce and expensive during emergency scenarios) but also because of the lost revenue potential that comes with an outage of the line. Routine inspections and emergency assessments are both critical components of a broader asset management strategy designed to prevent damage like this from turning into a bigger problem. This is precisely where services from Exo Inc. come in. 


This image was captured with a drone and illustrates the capability of UAS technology for inspections in both routine and emergency scenarios. The aerial perspective identifies issues that would not be visible from the ground, while keeping the operator safely on the ground and allows the line to stay in service. 

Drone technology can be especially helpful for capturing detailed imagery of important components or equipment when access may be limited due to downed lines or vegetation, something that is especially common for transmission corridors following severe weather. 

Whatever method of inspection you choose, it is paramount that you plan proactively to ensure the structural integrity of your asset and the overall reliability of your system. 

Trust the Exo Difference

With services like Exo’s Ex-Tend asset management program, we build comprehensive and customized solutions that add value across the full life cycle of an asset.   

Whether it is Quality Assurance support on new asset builds, field service and repair of existing assets, or life extension for aging infrastructure, Exo is uniquely prepared to serve your company’s needs and mitigate risk of structural failure.

At Exo, we don’t like to wait for problems to arise before taking action. Be proactive and prevent problems like the one in this photo before they occur by calling today to talk with an Exo subject matter expert.

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