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What We See: Welded Reinforcing Collars

Designing and welding reinforcing collars around the base plate connection of a steel transmission or high mast lighting pole may seem like a good idea. This area of the structure experiences the highest level of stress, therefore any reinforcements would certainly be a benefit to the long term reliability of the pole.

What you may not know is what seems like added protection could actually be working against your asset. Welded collars can directly cause certain issues that could lead to catastrophic failure of your structure.. 

Before you think about designing and installing welded collars aa part of your base plate connection, consider the potential risks that may result.  The impediment of future inspections as well as potential moisture and corrosion hazards are two issues we see frequently with this design. 

This is precisely what we see in this photo: welded collar crack and corrosion. Here’s what you need to know. 

What We See

In this photo, we see the potential devastating effects of installing a collar around the base section of a pole shaft. Sometimes moisture, air, or both can be trapped between the shaft and the collar once the seal welds are complete. 

These trapped vapors typically expand during the galvanizing process and put stress on the material. These stresses contribute to the gradual degradation of your assets, putting their lifecycle– and consequently your safety– at risk. 

In extreme cases, the stress on the lighting pole can cause welds or other material to crack or “blow out.” 

This image shows precisely what can happen when the practice of using a welded collar is used. 

As an added difficulty, these collars also prevent inspectors from being able to inspect the base plate weld for toe cracks and other potential issues such as wall thickness loss due to internal corrosion. 

Repairs and Prevention

At Exo, we strongly recommend against using this design and fabrication practice. 

There are a number of different ways to protect your assets that don’t involve the risk of corrosion posed by using these design elements. 

The best way to protect your assets is by taking a holistic approach to the health and safety of the full lifecycle of your transmission or high mast lighting poles.  

This full life cycle approach is what Exo refers to as Ex-Tend and it is the most effective strategy in lengthening the life span of critical infrastructure while reducing and levelizing annual maintenance costs.     

Trust the Exo Difference

With services like Exo’s Ex-Tend asset management program, we strategize the best ways to approach lifecycle management and ensure the full lifecycle of all your assets. 

Whether it is through lifecycle management, field service and repair, or plant maintenance, Exo is uniquely prepared to serve your company’s needs.

At Exo, we don’t wait for problems to arise before we take action. Stop problems like the ones in this photo before they occur by calling today to talk with the Exo experts. 

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