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Why Do You Care About The Warranty For Your LED Fixtures?

You need LED lighting upgrades for your parking lot lighting. Proper lighting keeps parking lots safe and helps customers and visitors feel more comfortable visiting your facility. But there’s more at stake than which fixtures to purchase.

When buying new LED fixtures, there is a primary question on your mind: how long will my LED fixtures’ warranty last, and how well will it protect my newly upgraded assets?

Should You Care About LED Fixture Warranties?

Your LED Fixture Warranty May Not Matter

Many of our clients are in for a rude awakening when they realize that their LED fixture warranty may not matter.

In theory, it’s good for fixtures to have a long warranty. But a 10-year warranty means nothing if your pole falls after three months. If your poles don’t have a warranty, or if their warranty has expired, structural damage to the lighting poles could result in damage or destruction to your brand new fixtures.

Since a lighting pole warranty only protects the poles, any fixture damage resulting from a collapsed or damaged lighting pole would be an exception to your LED fixture warranty, so those replacement costs would not be covered.

But there are two solutions that can work together to ensure that your investment in LED lighting upgrades is protected.

Lighting Pole Inspections Matter

The first way to get the most out of your LED fixture warranty is to schedule regular lighting pole inspections with a trained and certified NDT inspector who can check the structural integrity of your welds, pole shaft, fixture mounts, and base plates. These inspections can be done using nondestructive testing, which do no damage to your assets.

Your NDT inspector can also ensure that your lighting poles are structurally sound and will remain so over time. Regular pole inspections are key to keep your parking lot safe, and being certain that your lighting poles can support any LED fixture upgrades you’re looking forward to in the future.

Ongoing Asset Management Matters

Upgrades are beneficial, but without an asset management program, you may find yourself making an upgrade that your lighting structures can’t sustain long-term.

We recommend thorough pole inspection prior to fixture upgrade and replacement so that they will last as long as your fixtures, and so you can be sure your fixtures will be safely  installed.

But standalone pole inspection is not enough. An ongoing, comprehensive asset management program is crucial to getting maximum longevity out all parts of your lighting pole, your lighting system, and any fixture upgrades you decide on.

If you’re concerned your poles or fixtures may be unprotected by warranty, or may have corrosion or damage, you can’t afford to wait.

Ongoing quality assurance is a must to keep your lighting poles and fixtures intact, and to keep visitors, vehicles, and structures in your parking lot safe.

Contact the Exo team today about how we can help you better protect and manage your lighting assets. Prevent unexpected repairs, costly liability issues, and safety hazards with lighting and fixtures that stand tall and strong for years to come.

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