Start with Accurate and Robust Standards and Specifications

Codes, standards, and specifications are the foundation for stronger, longer-lasting steel poles and lattice towers. They are designed to ensure best practices are followed in the design, fabrication, and installation of critical infrastructure. They are updated periodically to account for new and emerging trends and challenges. Unfortunately, our industry isn’t always quick to change. For this reason, our standards are often outdated and can take a while to catch up to current issues. The most recent code available may not be appropriate to address the issues you’re facing now. Making sure you’re working from appropriate specifications is the initial step in Exo’s in-depth quality assurance process.

Exo has performed forensic investigations of many steel pole and lattice tower failures. Often these failures were caused by manufacturing and design flaws, so we know that the biggest failure comes from missing the smallest details. Our consultants help you identify the details representing the most significant weakness in your specifications to ensure your projects run smoothly and your new assets are built to perform to the level of reliability that your client’s demand.

Exo’s strength is our specialization. It takes comprehensive knowledge and experience of these assets to address issues proactively. Our team includes engineers, technicians, and other infrastructure experts experienced in all aspects of pole and tower design, manufacturing, construction, installation, inspection, and repair.

Invest in Quality

Contractor surveying for asset complianceOur utilityrenewables,  transportation, and telecom industry partners all face similar challenges of limited operations and maintenance budgets. That means, as infrastructure ages and falls into disrepair, there are usually significant gaps in the budget to address all necessary repairs. Add in the costs of premature failures and the gap becomes even worse.

This is a growing problem for numerous industries, and making the early yet crucial investment in robust quality assurance will help close that gap on the front end. Give your organization a leg up in the fight to restore our aging infrastructure and build a resilient and reliable grid for our nation. Exo has the tools to get you there.

Exo contractor conducting initial quality assurance audit

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