Conventional Generation

Strengthening Steel & Concrete Assets for Conventional Generation

Your structures are constantly at war with the elements. You need to keep track of the condition of your valued infrastructure assets, but it’s difficult, dangerous work to reach hard to access areas.

In the world of energy infrastructure, we know that the devil is in the details. Whether it’s cracking, poor welding, or other issues, we can assess the problem with your steel and concrete power delivery structures and provide detailed guidance to keep them in service and fully operational. Our aerial inspection via remotely operated UAV’s can access extremely hazardous areas without putting people or equipment at risk. Together with our highly trained and experienced inspection engineers, the aerial images give you the actionable guidance you need for your projects run at peak efficiency.


Exo gets it. We provide you with the most comprehensive assessment of your valued infrastructure assets while minimizing safety risks for your inspectors.

Our Approach

Exo brings a strategic, full lifecycle approach to conventional generation asset sustainability. We know infrastructure lifecycles because have been around long enough to study them. This historic context gives Exo unique insights to help you extend the life of your assets. Ex-Tendis our unparalleled, data-driven, full lifecycle management approach that we apply to every service to empower you to proactively care for and increase the lifespan of your assets.


  • Aerial inspection service for complete, real time condition of valued infrastructure assets
  • Capture high-resolution images via our UAV’s and combine them with the vast industry knowledge of our inspectors
  • Deliver an enhanced level of safety and effectiveness by reaching hard to access areas that are potentially hazardous for human intervention
  • Provide detailed guidance on solutions for cracks or other issues to keep structures in service and operational, along with a certified team of inspectors, welders and engineers that are ready to deploy when and where you need them

Industry Expertise

  • Structural Tower Inspections
  • Stack & Cooling Tower Inspections
Our Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Inspection
  • Field Service & Repair
  • Asset Program Management