Have Coatings Failure and Corrosion Gone Unchecked?

Steel makes up a large portion of transmission and distribution infrastructure. Corrosion damage caused by a failure of coatings affects a lot of assets nationwide and is a growing problem for owners of steel poles and towers. The problem is significant in scope and size, as well as the severity of the consequences.

Failure to address these issues will lead to structural failure. Corrosion, if left unchecked, will lead to catastrophic failure of the asset every time. Steel lattice structures have been utilized for over 100 years, and many steel poles for 60 years or more, which means more and more of them are aging and threatened by corrosion and coatings failures.

Proactive inspection and repair can save these assets, prevent structural failure, and extend the life of each asset you own and monitor. In many cases, steel lattice towers and steel poles are designed to last 50 years. With proper corrosion and coatings repair, they can last for a century.

Certified Corrosion and Coatings Repair

Coatings repair is not just painting a pole. Rigorous training and specific qualifications are necessary to apply coatings properly. Exo technicians are coatings experts. We are NACE (National Assocaition of Coatings Engineers) certified to apply, repair, and inspect coatings.

In addition to your coatings, you must monitor and inspect for corrosion regularly. Wall loss and member loss from corrosion can lead to structural failure. It takes an experienced, qualified technician to measure wall loss and perform structural engineering analysis to determine if structural repair is necessary so steel poles, lattice towers, and other structures can continue to perform as designed. If inspections determine that steel structures require reinforcement, we can do that while coatings are being remediated.

There is no reason for lattice towers and steel poles to fail prematurely. Exo will work with you to ensure every value infrastructure asset you own and monitor lasts as long as possible to protect your investment.

Exo contractor conducting initial quality assurance audit

Repair Coatings and Remediate Corrosion

Whether it’s weld repair, coatings repair, or correcting structural damage, successful remediation is critical to avoiding pole and tower collapse and subsequent catastrophic failures. Exo completes safe, compliant, cost-effective structural repairs on in-service assets across infrastructure industries. Contact us┬áto plan your field service and repair.