Complete End of Warranty Inspections on Time

If you have a warranty on your steel poles, lattice towers, or other structural assets, you may think you’re protected. But you’re in for a rude awakening. At most, warranties last 5 years, but the typical warranty is only one year. The problem? Poles and towers are designed to last 50 years. That means you’re staring down 49 years of exposure to risks without the protection of a warranty.

To further complicate things, many manufacturing defects that should be covered by a warranty don’t show up until 3-5 years later, after the warranty has expired. The financial risk to transmission lines, poles, and towers, and the accompanying risks of defect and catastrophic failure, only increase from the time poles and towers leave the factory floor.

Protect Yourself: Schedule an End of Warranty Inspection

If you’ve recently ordered and installed new poles and towers, an End of Warranty inspection can make all the difference to your bottom line, while substantially improving risk management. Exo will perform an End of Warranty inspection before the warranty ends. This allows time to:

  • Identify structural defects covered by warranty that might not otherwise present themselves in time to benefit from the warranty
  • Get claims filed and resolved in time
  • Keep poles, towers, and other structural assets in service and in their optimal condition

It is difficult to prove a structural defect is a latent defect the closer you get to your warranty expiration date. The sooner you’re made aware of potential structural defects and other issues, the more effective your team will be at lowering liability and managing risk. Letting your warranty lapse before completing structural inspections mean there’s a greater probability all repair and remediation costs will fall to you. Proactive planning keeps your margin from shrinking. End of Warranty inspection is a way to perform due diligence, save costs, and budget correctly for structural improvements.

Exo contractor conducting initial quality assurance audit

Don't Miss the Benefits of Your Warranty

Every structural inspection is your opportunity to strengthen structures, improve performance, save costs, and prevent catastrophic failure. Choose a partner with a range of inspection expertise who can help you gather, interpret, and act on inspection data. Talk to Exo about your structural inspection today.