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Catastrophic Failures: The Details that Matter

A unique live online event exploring why structures fail, what to do when they fail, and how to avoid failure on your watch (and dime).

Who is Exo’s Failures Presentation For?

A Three Part Series on Catastrophic Failures,
from Lifetime of Experience

What to Expect:

The series begins in October. Please sign up to get Registration Details from Mr. Oliphant.

Join Wesley J. Oliphant, P.E., F.SEI, F.ASCE, to explore lessons learned from dozens of years of experience analyzing the root cause of failures. Expect asset failure case studies, documentation, photographs, and practical guidance to prevent failures and extend asset life.

This is a three part series, that you can attend one, two, or all three sessions in any sequence.

Mr. Oliphant guides you through case studies and stories that shed light on:

  • Why structures, poles and towers fail (What were the defects?)
  • The often avoidable mistakes (What really happened?)
  • How to avoid failure on your watch (Why did it happen?)

When: 12:00pm 

45 minutes Total: 30 minute presentation, 15 minutes of Q & A

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