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The OQC: Owner's Quality Consultant

The Answer to Your Problem is an OQC

Ensure integrity of your assets. The OQC is a trusted guide that creates value for your company and confidence in your leadership.

  • Presented By: Ken Sharpless, P.E.

What to Expect:

In this conversational webinar, Mr. Sharpless walks you though the tremendous savings of time, energy and money that come with the OQC role (Owner’s Quality Consultant).

  • Who is an OQC? What do they do?
  • OQC can deliver data on the health of your asset, and help you understand the condition of your structures
  • OQC will help you extend the life of you assets
  • OQC will save you money and keep your structures safe

30 minutes: Expect a 30 minute presentation and 15+ minute optional Q & A session 

Please register below, and Mr. Sharpless will communicate dates to register for the series in October.

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