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Wood Innovation:

The new way forward for wood pole services
  • Garrett “Big G” Ehler, Exo’s VP of Wood Services and Continuous Improvement
  • Joel Rovang, Exo’s Wood Pole Subject Matter Expert

What to Expect:

Wood Pole Services leader and non-destructive testing (NDT) expert Garrett “Big G” Ehler is joined by 30+ year wood services industry leader, Joel Rovang, to discuss how the old way of managing wood pole assets is slow, expensive and often wasteful. Unfortunately, many utilities are unaware that there is a better way. The good news is the future of wood services is here and it is a much more valuable investment for utilities of all sizes.

45 minutes: Expect a 20 minute presentation/conversation and 15+ minute Q & A session to address issues you may be facing managing the health of your wood poles.

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