Field Service & Repair

Keep your assets safe and operational.

Whether it’s due to Mother Nature, improper installation, initial specification, or a combination of all three, your structural assets inevitably deteriorate. They become a financial and potentially legal risk to your organization. To keep your assets structurally reliable, you need a team that’s ready to immediately service and repair them.

Keep your assets safe and operational.

With over 100 years of experience in inspection, evaluation, remediation and manufacturing, Exo’s field service crews have expertise in poles, towers, and infrastructure assets of all types. Coupled with our unmatched engineering expertise, our time-tested capabilities ensure that we’ll deliver the best possible solution, every time.


When assets are failing, you urgently need speed and efficiency in one site visit. Exo brings in a collaborative team of field service and repair crews, inspectors and our engineers to make sure your assets are inspected and remediated all at once. There’s no redundancy and no prolonged repair schedules.


Exo is also able to repair in-service materials. All field welding repair is performed in compliance with AWS (American Welding Society) standards, and all field strengthening programs are implemented to ensure that structures meet the latest design standards and codes.


Exo has a full range of field repair, upgrade and strengthening services options under one roof.

Turnkey Remediation Solution
One Visit Inspection & Repair - No Redundancy
In-Service Repair Experts
Field Service & Repair Services Offered
  • Weld defect detection & remediation
  • Corrosion remediation
  • Design & installation of structure strengthening programs
  • Galvanizing & coatings remediation
  • Anchor bolt remediation/replacement
  • Installation of proper drainage or venting systems
  • Grout removal
  • Concrete foundation patching & remediation
  • Fiberglass pole patching & remediation
  • Concrete pole patching & remediation
  • Wood pole remediation
Industries Served
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