Confirm Poles and Towers are Performing as Designed

Full-scale load testing is a way to verify that structural assets like steel poles, davit arms, and lattice towers, will perform as designed and intended. Full-scale load testing is a destructive testing method, which applies full-scale design loads to a structural member to confirm it will perform as expected. This testing is critical when designing new and unproven structures, so you can be confident that every asset you’ve ordered will withstand the demands specified in your specifications.

Exo also conducts material testing on hardware and steel coupons as part of our forensic failure investigations. In cases of structural failure of an existing, in-service asset, this type of testing can help identify the cause of failure: was there an engineering/design flaw, was it a fabrication defect, or was the raw material itself not meeting specifications?

Why Full-Scale Load Testing Matters

Partnering with Exo means your infrastructure will benefit from the material and load testing throughout their life cycle. You need to know that your transmission poles and towers will withstand the necessary loads and perform reliably. And, in the unfortunate event of a failure, you need to pinpoint the root cause issue in order to make the appropriate design changes or initiate a potential warranty claim with the vendor.

With Exo, there’s zero guesswork. Our testing process utilizes digital load cells that log real-time data throughout the full-scale load test. You get more than a hypothesis or conjecture. You have a complete picture of the structural performance of the asset throughout the test that utilizes real-time data from your pole or tower. Targeted improvements following accurate testing data means time and money saved in the future, and enhanced reliability and performance for your renewable energy, telecom, transportation, or utility customers.

Exo contractor conducting initial quality assurance audit

Improve Asset Performance with Full-Scale Load Testing

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