Utility, Energy & Lighting Infrastructure Asset Management

Ensure Structural Integrity Across The Lifecycle
  • Power Delivery

    Supporting Quality Power Delivery Systems

  • Lighting

    Fortifying Area and Commercial Lighting

  • Renewable Generation

    Eliminate Downtime & Defend Against Failure.

  • Telecommunications

    Improving Telecommunications Services

  • Conventional Generation

    Strengthening Concrete & Steel Assets.

  • Oil & Gas

    Building Safer Oil and Gas Pipelines.

Your lighting poles, transmission towers, and infrastructure assets are under attack from time, usage, and the elements. Without ongoing, comprehensive quality assurance services, you run the risk of catastrophic failure. Exo is your partner for powerful, proactive asset management solutions.


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Exo contractor conducting initial quality assurance audit

Quality Assurance, Structural Inspection and Lifelong Asset Support

Exo provides comprehensive structural inspection, repair, and remediation services for poles, towers, and other structural assets. Contact Exo today to start strengthening your structures.