Exo hires former EHS VP, Steve Cronkhite as VP of Safety for building Exo’s safety culture.

Exo, a leading provider of data and analytics-driven asset inspection, maintenance, and remediation services of critical infrastructure for predominantly utility and commercial lighting end-markets, announced today that Steve Cronkhite has joined Exo as Vice President of Safety.

“At Exo, safety is our top priority. We care deeply about our employees who are in the field everyday protecting our nation’s infrastructure across the country and Steve is an essential part in making that happen,” commented Zachary Oliphant, Exo’s President.

Mr. Cronkhite will be responsible for building Exo’s safety culture and ensuring that everyone returns home safely from every deployment. Mr. Cronkhite is a proven safety and health leader who has over 25 years of experience helping organizations achieve world class safety results by generating organizational desire for safety excellence. He will focus on developing Exo’s EHS practices, policies and programs, while driving safety culture improvement. Ultimately, this will lead to a reduction in overall employee, client, and public injury and asset losses across the country, while improving our own and our clients’ employee’s health and productivity.

Mr. Cronkhite has a history of building strong, trusting relationships with all levels of an organization to develop a shared safety vision. He understands every business is different and so are their assets. His vision is to personalize safety, improve behavior and move safety from compliance to full integration into business processes, protecting the business’ people at all levels. From asset conception to implementation in the field, and structural maintenance, Mr. Cronkhite and his team will be there to ensure the asset integrity, producing sustainability for the businesses he works with.

Mr. Cronkhite’s most recent role was the VP of EHS at an organization with 4,900+ distributed field employees. His leadership helped reduce injury rates by over 50% and vehicle incident rates by over 30% during a 4-year period. In an industry that relies on the well-being and ability of its people to ensure the safety of the public, Mr. Cronkhite’s work is immensely valuable and appreciated by his peers.

Mr. Cronkhite received his Bachelor of Science in Public Health before achieving his Master of Science in Industrial Safety from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. As our new VP of Safety, reporting to President Zachary Oliphant, we are excited to have him as part of the team, ensuring the safety of all of us and our future infrastructure. We are confident in his ability to bring a safer environment to all with his vast experience and ability to work productively with clients.

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Magnolia, Texas, Exo provides asset inspection, remediation, engineering, and training services for critical infrastructure to clients in the utility, renewable energy, area, and commercial lighting, manufacturing, telecommunications, and retail end-markets across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Through its Ex-Tend™ service offering, the company offers a data-driven, full lifecycle asset management solution that integrates asset management tools and service expertise, prolonging the lifespan of clients’ infrastructure, maximizing ROI, and improving safety. For additional information on Exo, please visit the company’s website at