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Speaker 1:
Integrity is everything. Our way of life in this country rises and falls on the integrity of our leaders and the integrity of our infrastructure. Because integrity impacts everything, this is the Integrity Podcast powered by Exo, hosted by Zachary Oliphant.

Integrity Podcast Introduction

Introducing the Integrity Podcast with your host, Zachary Oliphant! It’s imperative that asset owners understand the importance of proactive maintenance so that utilities reach their full intended lifecycle. Check out our podcast twice a month for insights on your steel assets and how to maintain their integrity.

Save money while maintaining optimal grid resiliency with integrity when you team with Exo!

About The Integrity Podcast host, Zachary Oliphant:

Zachary Oliphant is a father, husband, and serial entrepreneur. A former college rugby player and coach, Zachary has a life-long understanding of how to lead the right people to do the right thing at the right time, in order to win. Zachary has been involved in start-ups as a founder and advisor, and has led the development of a series of software applications, including The Exo Portal™ for real-time management of company assets and infrastructure.

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