Schedule Thorough Post Construction Documentation

When construction crews are on site, new poles, towers, and transmission lines are going up. But are they built to last, and are they properly installed? Without proper installation, your poles and towers are doomed to fail. And you can’t afford that kind of failure so soon after purchasing new assets.

Post construction documentation by Exo lowers liability and improves risk management by checking for proper installation. Before the contractor pulls off the lot and completes your new construction project, you’ll have all defects repaired, all potential threats remediated, and all assets performing as designed.

This inspection is key because without it, brand new structures are carrying risk of failure from the moment they’re installed and put in service. While this inspection can control a number of defects and mitigate multiple risks, one of the most beneficial insights gained from post construction documentation is the knowledge that cotter pins are properly installed.

Cotter pins can move and become dislodged as poles are being installed. That shift can result in damage that can take your entire power delivery system offline. Post construction documentation of each pole and component will prevent these and other costly failures.

Similar to end of warranty inspection, timing of post construction documentation is critical. If you have inspection results and necessary repairs in hand while construction crews are still working, it’s far easier to remediate the issue quickly and effectively.

What Does Post Construction Documentation Include?

We have all inspections and documentation completed at the end of the construction project, but while the contractor is still on site, so it can be repaired at a lower cost.

Exo contractor conducting initial quality assurance audit

Repair and Strengthen Structures During Installation

Every structural inspection is your opportunity to strengthen structures, improve performance, save costs, and prevent catastrophic failure. Choose a partner with a range of inspection expertise who can help you gather, interpret, and act on inspection data. Talk to Exo about your structural inspection today.