A Wise Plan for Your Assets

Our way of life in this country rises and falls on the integrity of our infrastructure. While many of your own assets may be aging and decaying, the most valuable way for you to address it is not always clear. Exo is here to help.

Be confident when integrity is at stake
Our quality assurance inspections give you confidence in the assets you are investing in. Exo can determine if there is a problem before it costs you.

Real time inspection data gives you power to plan wisely
Exo’s fast, accurate data delivery portal empowers you to predict and prioritize asset repairs, saving time and millions of dollars.

An army of world-class engineers, inspectors and field services you can trust
Exo has a world-class engineering staff and the finest trained inspectors and field service crews in the country. Together, we are ready to execute the work and solve your problem.

  • Quality Assurance
  • Structural Inspection
  • Field Service and Repair
  • Wood Pole Services
  • Asset Management Programs
  • Ex-Tend
Premiere Companies All Over North America Trust Us

Exo is built on the work of world class professionals. We employ the most skillful and effective engineers and field crews in the country.

Working with Exo in Three Easy Steps

Exo inspects your assets and assigns a grade to each one, based on the integrity of the asset.


Based on real time data from our proprietary software, Exo creates a customized maintenance program optimized for your exact needs.


Exo performs the field work that ensures the integrity of your assets, ex-tends the life of your infrastructure, and restores confidence to your team.

Integrity is Everything. Let’s Get Started.

Let Exo ensure the integrity of your infrastructure, save you millions of dollars, and restore confidence to the leaders who shoulder the responsibility.

  • Predict problems before they become failures
  • Prioritize your budget based on our accurate data models
  • Repair assets as needed instead of costly replacements
  • Minimum investment today could save millions tomorrow
  • Save time and focus on your core business
  • Restore confidence to your leadership

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Let Exo ensure the integrity of your assets, improve the resilience of your infrastructure, and restore confidence to your team.