Renewable Generation

Powering Renewable Energy

The ability to count on the structural integrity of your renewable energy assets is a must. In Renewable Generation, inspection details mean everything to eliminating downtime, safeguarding against catastrophic failures, and keeping the cost of renewable energy lower. No one has a more comprehensive approach to renewable energy asset reliability than Exo.

Exo’s expertise in renewable generation inspections helps you uncover manufacturing defects, aging or fatigue related issues, and other damaging effects on aging structures. Our in-depth analysis, paired with thorough tower and wind turbine inspection, helps you answer the question: repair or replace? We design and implement a long-term renewable energy maintenance plan to help prevent further failures and save money.

We leverage over 100 years of professional expertise along with the latest technologies so you can ensure structural integrity, prevent accidents, prolong life span, and keep your wind turbine blades, towers, and all related components, fully operational.
Our Approach

Exo brings a strategic, full lifecycle approach to renewable generation asset sustainability. We know hydroelectric, hydropower, and hybrid renewable energy infrastructure strengths and vulnerabilities. Insights from engineers, NDT technicians, and quality assurance experts give you the inights you need to extend the life of your renewable generation assets. Ex-Tend™ is our unparalleled, data-driven, full lifecycle asset management approach. We use it across every service to empower you to proactively care and strengthen renewable generation assets across their lifecycle.


Services may include:

  • Drone-based visual inspection
  • Ultrasonic / magnetic particle / dyepenetrant testing
  • Wood structure decay inspection
  • Coating inspection
  • Corrosion assessment
  • Structural engineering support
  • Specification / design review
  • Forensic failure analysis
  • Expert witness


Reports Provide:

  • Independent, expert analysis
  • Actionable data to execute maintenance programs
  • Recommendations on repair / replace protocols
  • High quality data
  • Asset health ratings based on proprietary algorithms


Repairs Provide:

  • Welding (ground-based and aerial)
  • Structural repairs and upgrades
  • Corrosion and coatings remediation
  • Foundation/concrete repairs
  • Electrical line maintenance services
Industry Expertise
  • Balance of plant & transmission inspection
  • Wind Turbine Blade Inspection (Including Drone Inspection of Wind Turbine Blades)
  • Storm damage assessments
  • Wind tower inspection & field repair
  • Solar equipment inspection & field repair
  • Hydroelectric infrastructure
  • Aerial safety walks
  • Nondestructive Testing, Inspection, and Field Repair
  • Cloud based data analytics
Our Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Inspection
  • Field Service & Repair
  • Asset Program Management
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