Exo Drone Inspections

Watch this video to learn about the advancing field utility Exo drone inspection. Our aerial team uses UAV technology to identify critical defects that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Follow a UAV inspection, and discover how you can leverage Exo drone inspections to get the data you need to more efficiently and safely ensure your assets’ structural integrity.

The 3 Advantages of Drone Inspection for Asset Management

An aerial team can use Exo drone inspection (also known as UAV or UAS inspection) to provide three huge benefits:

  1. Superior Cost Savings
  2. Improved Safety
  3. More Accurate Insights

Superior Cost Savings

The time it takes to do something like a blade inspection on Wind Turbines using UAV platforms is far quicker than using traditional inspection methods. This dramatically decreases downtime, passing significant value back to you, the asset owner.

Eliminating the need to use expensive cranes is also an incredible cost advantage for both the inspection company and the asset owner. This gives you the superior quality of a crane inspection, but closer to the price point of a ground inspection.

Improved Safety with UAV Inspection

Historically pole inspection or tower inspection companies had to either climb towers or go up in buckets to perform inspections, causing obvious safety hazards for even routine work. So the thought became:

If we can do the same thing that we do traditionally but with a UAV, the safety impact is really a no-brainer

Exo drone inspection lets operators do the same work safely from the ground, getting rid of fall hazards and other hazards of working in and around high-voltage areas.

Fine-Tuned Insights

The technology available through Exo drone inspection allows inspectors to retrieve detailed, actionable insights without compromising on safety.

For example, Exo makes use of 25 megapixel high-powered cameras on our drones, allowing us to pick up defects even after the inspection. Being able to zoom in retroactively to discover the smallest defects is something that would have never been possible without a compromise in safety using traditional inspection methods. Aerial teams can even make use of technologies such as FPV goggles to see the same live, first-person view that inspectors would have in-person with a crane.

Refined Conditional Assessment with Exo

Exo has over 100 years of combined experience with inspection and asset management, and is leading the charge when it comes to the adoption of new inspection technologies. Reach out today to discover how Exo drone inspection provides game-changing technology that will redefine how you think about managing your assets.

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