You See Steel Pole Damage: What Happens Next?

Whether a pole has been hit by storm damage, or you’ve had a pole struck by a vehicle, steel pole mechanical damage can happen at any point throughout the lifecycle of these critical infrastructure assets. When pole damage happens, you need a custom-engineered solution created by expert technicians and engineers to renew structural integrity and restore steel poles to their designed capacity.

Should You Repair or Replace Steel Poles?

You might think a pole is “”totalled”” and you need to replace it, but in many cases steel poles can be restored, resulting in tremendous cost savings over the life of the pole. Exo can determine whether your damaged pole can be repaired and remain in service a number of ways:

Corrosion Inspection: We can inspect for and repair corrosion when exposure to the elements or other issues have caused poles to rust and deteriorate.

Coatings Inspection: Have your coatings thinned and degraded? Are pole interiors more vulnerable? We can complete thorough inspections and repair coatings to strengthen steel poles against time and weather.

Weld, Bolt, and Foundation Repair: Three areas you may not consider could be leaving key components of steel poles at risk of collapse and failure. We inspect and repair concrete foundations to prevent pole collapse. We inspect anchor bolts to remediate damage that may be hidden from the naked eye. And we ensure pole welds are complete and intact with weld repair that can be completed in the field.

We are ready to help you make a plan to avoid costly outages, dangerous collapses, and catastrophic failures. In many cases, you can keep your existing steel poles without replacement or overhaul. And repairs can be done on energized poles to avoid service interruption. There’s no need to wait until steel pole damage happens. You can have poles inspected and repaired before the situation gets dire, and have a custom solution in hand to protect your steel poles for years to come.

Exo contractor conducting initial quality assurance audit

Repair Steel Poles After Major Damage

Whether it’s weld repair, coatings repair, or correcting structural damage, successful remediation is critical to avoiding pole and tower collapse and subsequent catastrophic failures. Exo completes safe, compliant, cost-effective structural repairs on in-service assets across infrastructure industries. Contact us to plan your field service and repair.