Improve Telecom Infrastructure with Stronger Transmission Towers

Transmission tower inspections are essential for effective telecom operations. Exo can complete comprehensive ground-based, hands-on, and drone inspections on your transmission towers to protect your infrastructure.

Two Good Reasons for Transmission Tower Inspections

We recommend transmission tower inspections in the following cases:

1. Routine Regular Maintenance Inspection – A transmission tower’s reliability and performance are of utmost importance for the utility company and asset owner to continue to deliver power and serve customers; drone inspection to improve quality and lower cost of inspection (benefits of drone and proactive inspection)

2. Targeted Inspections of Structural Issues – If a component failed, or is about to fail, we can pinpoint and remediate the problem to avoid further issues. Targeted inspection of transmission systems can show you if other assets are in a similar situation. These goals can be accomplished through drone/UAV inspection, weld inspection, and coatings inspection.

We’ll work together to find the flaws in your process: are towers improperly manufactured or installed? Is something making them especially vulnerable to wear and fatigue? We’ll gather extensive data, and utilize the Exo Link portal to generate custom reports with data-driven recommendations for restoring transmission towers to their intended strength and performance.

Exo contractor conducting initial quality assurance audit

Improve Transmission Tower Performance

Every structural inspection is your opportunity to strengthen structures, improve performance, save costs, and prevent catastrophic failure. Choose a partner with a range of inspection expertise who can help you gather, interpret, and act on inspection data. Talk to Exo about your structural inspection today.