Exo at TSDOS 2023

Exo leaders have participated at TSDOS for over 25 years

Exo’s engineering team has contributed at TSDOS for decades. This year will be no exception. We would look forward to connecting with your team in September at TSDOS!

Here is Exo’s agenda:


Tuesday, September 5
Preconference Workshop (+ Post Workshop Hang Out)

Workshop Title:
“Owner’s Quality Assurance – The High Value of Having Your Own Special Agent”


Kenneth Sharpless
Exo, Vice President, Customer Experience

Michael D. Miller
P.E., P. Eng, F.SEI, F.ASCE
Exo, Vice President, Engineering Services

Wesley J. Oliphant
Exo Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer


  • The high value of having your own special agent.
  • Filling the gap between the Owner’s Engineer and where the details that matter either meet or miss your project requirements.
  • Protecting the integrity of the electric grid, serving as the trusted advisor and authorized representative for utility owners and operators.
  • Dedicated focus on QA/QC, Inspection, Health, and Life-Extension

NOTE:  For those registered for the workshop, please make time to hang out immediately after the workshop for an open bar hosted by Mr. Sharpless, Mr. Oliphant, and Mr. Miller, sponsored by Exo!

Click here to read more about the workshop


Wednesday,  September 6
Exo’s Hospitality Suite

The “G.O.A.T.” Transmission & Substation Trivia Game Continues

Come hang out in our suites. Have a refreshment and catch up with our team. PLUS: play Exo’s original G.O.A.T. Trivia Tournament. A two minute handheld digital trivia game where you play for prizes, play for the highly coveted 2023 G.O.A.T. trophy, and ultimately play to see if you are “The Greatest of All Time.” Expect some Transmission and Substation stumpers this year!


Thursday,  September 7
“Practical Design Methods for Tubular Steel Poles to Reduce Wind-Induced Vibrations”

Michael D. Miller, Exo
Dr. Meihuan Z. (Nancy) Fulk, AEP
Thomas J. Christy, AEP

Although vortex induced vibration (VIV) is a rare occurrence on tubular steel pole structures, when it does it can cause harmful fatigue loading cycles, ultimately leading to catastrophic failure. This paper addresses VIV in the context of high voltage transmission and substation tubular steel pole structures and proposes a simplified approach using established methods to estimate natural frequencies and structure slenderness that result in a critical wind velocity. By utilizing this approach during the design phase, design engineers can assess the likelihood of VIV and implement design adjustments before fabrication and supply, ultimately reducing the risk of VIV on these structures. Several examples are presented to illustrate the method.


Thursday,  September 7

Exo’s Second Annual, Texas Beer & Barbecue Bus Tour – Frisco Train Depot!

Exo to host the 2nd Annual Texas Barbecue and Beer Bus Tour. This year the bus lands just 4 miles from the conference at Frisco’s Historic Train Depot!

We cannot wait to see you there!

Contact Jason Pizzitola (Exo VP of Marketing) if we can help you.

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