Monitor Fabrication Quality and Progress with Exo Vendor Surveillance

When you’ve selected a vendor and completed a vendor audit, in-plant inspection during the fabrication of transmission towers, steel poles, and other necessary structural assets is the next step. You’ve verified your specs and standards, and your requirements were clearly communicated in an RFI/RFP, but you need to verify your vendor is sticking to those standards on a day-to-day basis. You need to know they’re completing required inspections, welding poles and towers properly, and not neglecting any other critical fabrication guidelines.

What Does Vendor Surveillance Include?

Vendor surveillance by Exo leaves nothing to chance when it comes to steel pole and tower fabrication. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

Daily Activity Reporting: We compile all information and inspection data for daily, real-time reporting on your order as it moves through the plant so you can take action right away if issues arise.

In-Process Sampling: Inspection of transmission poles post fabrication can miss critical defects. There are certain issues that can only be observed during the fit-up and welding process. Inspecting those fabrication processes as they happen ensures that structural defects aren’t missed while your steel poles and towers are being fabricated.

Non-Conformance Reporting and Tracking: Any deviation from codes and standards are documented and communicated to the manufacturer and to you, the client, on a daily basis. We also track the resolution and rectification of any non-conformances to ensure that the vendor is correcting all issues before the finished product is shipped to you.

Post-Fabrication Inspection and Testing: Other quality issues, including post-galvanizing toe cracks, can only be checked at the end of the fabrication process. After poles and lattice towers are fabricated, Exo will perform a full inspection and nondestructive testing of all structures.

Project Monitoring and Expediting: We know exactly what’s going on, thanks to daily monitoring. We can communicate any potential delays as soon as possible, giving you more flexibility to respond, expedite, and reallocate resources.

Asset Defect Identification: Exo will uncover and identify any structural and nonstructural defects.

Supplier Process Controls: We will hold suppliers accountable to follow their stated procedures and processes.

From start to finish, we’ll work with your team and your vendors to ensure your products arrive in the best possible condition.

Exo contractor conducting initial quality assurance audit

Start Strong with In-Plant Inspections

Uphold your responsibility to protect your customers, your community, and your equipment with customized specifications, codes, and QA standards by Exo. Talk to us about your quality assurance strategy today.