Case Study: Wood Poles

Restoring Wood Pole Rejects (in under 1 hr)

Upon inspection, Exo finds dozens of poles that can be restored, instead of replaced, quickly and for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Exo’s team lead, Josh Smith talks us through the story. See the video below.

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Watch this Case Study: Wood Pole Restoration

Discover How to Extend the Life of Your Poles and Capitalize Your Investment.

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Assess your poles. Make a Plan to Treat and/or Strengthen. Extend their useful life. 

1. Risk-Based Inspection
Exo’s Risk-Based Inspections (RBIs) address your specifications. RBIs include visual inspections, sound and bore, partial excavations, and full excavations. Additional
assessment resources include LiDARR, Resistance Drilling, Engineering Assessments, and more.

2. Treatments & Reinforcing Solutions
We gather the data and assign Structural Health Ratings (SHR) to your poles. The SHRs allow us to prioritize and target the most problematic structures in your
system. Based on the data we determine together what we do next: perform field remediation, treatments, reinforcement solutions, or replace structures as needed.

3. Pole Load Analysis (PLA)
When utilities understand where the weaknesses are in the system, they can confidently allocate resources to ensure reliability and resilience. Exo has spent decades engineering, inspecting, and extending the life of utility infrastructure. Now, our PLA process creates clarity about your system.

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Exo has a full range of field inspection, repair, treatment, and structural strengthening options under one roof. Let’s start the conversation about your system today.

Account Management Team
Exo, Manager Wood Pole Services
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Risk-Based Inspection
Treatments & Reinforcement Solutions
Pole Load Analysis (PLA)
Field Service & Repair Services Offered

Exo wood pole inspections may include:

  • Visual and sound inspection
  • Sound and bore inspection
  • Partial and selective excavation
  • Full excavation
  • Sound and bore fumigant
  • Quality pole inspection
  • Engineering/design review
  • Online portal and data access

Exo wood pole inspections provide:

  • Actionable data to execute maintenance programs
  • Unbiased, expert results
  • Recommendations for restoration/replacements
  • High-quality images
  • A quantifiable grade assigned to each wood asset
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